Please see the link to the Government’s website for comprehensive information related to transportation of cooling gel packsfor essential medical purposes:

The website states:

Essential medical equipment

You can take medical equipment with you if it’s essential for your journey. The equipment is screened seperately and you must show documentation from a qualified medical professional, such as a letter from your doctor.

Whilst we can advise that the airports and airlines are well used to diabetic travellers carrying FRÍO® wallets, it is best to check ahead of travel by advising the airline.

If you are travelling from a provincial airport, we would recommend calling the airline and airport ahead of travel to be on the safe side.

What is incorrectly suggested in the information published is that a cooling gel pack (your FRÍO® wallet) can go in ‘hold’ luggage – insulin should not be transported in your suitcase as it may freeze in the hold – it should be carried in your hand luggage.

GP’s letter: we always recommend that FRÍO® users take a letter from their GP (or a prescription) stating their requirement to carry insulin.

When you check-in at the airport advise the the check-in clerk that you are a carrying essential medical equipment – your cooling gel pack (FRÍO®) and have your GP’s letter or your prescription to hand.