Please note that this price excludes VAT and 20% VAT will be added at checkout. If you suffer from a chronic illness, you can claim back the VAT at checkout. ACTIVE ANKLEPROTECT iT SOCKS - THERAPEUTIC RANGE Unisex Type: Low (ankle sock) Condition: Diabetes, arthritis, sensitive and sore prone feet Overview: Best suited for use with trainers/sport shoes Description Take care of your feet with PROTECT iT socks. A Swiss innovation, it is a unique therapeutic sock that functions like a second skin mitigating all the risk factors impacting the feet of diabetics and those with arthritis and sensitive feet. Silver ions within the fibre fight bacteria and fungi, helping to prevent infection and odours. The visual below shows key features of the product, the areas of protection and a full description of the technology.   Learn more about the PROTECT iT technology.
PROTECT iT socks have been developed during years of research in collaboration with podiatrists, surgeons, certified diabetes educators and other medical professionals. These socks help prevent the complications of at-risk feet unlike any other sock available. The PROTECT iT sock is:
  • soft and comfortable, hugs your foot, perfectly adapting itself to your foot's anatomy and movements;
  • wrinkle-free; it doesn't bunch up and stays dry all day long;
  • seamless with ideally padded layers to protect the sensitive and sore-prone areas of your foot while eliminating rubbing and chaffing;
  • anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, helping to prevent infection and odours.
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