DiAthlete’s incredible multi-marathon challenge for type 1 diabetes

Our FRIO brand ambassador Gavin Griffiths, aka DiAthlete, is taking on the huge challenge of running 25 marathons in just one month to raise a whopping £10,000 for type 1 diabetes organisations.

The final marathon in the challenge will also mark the 100th extreme endurance challenge in the past 10 years for Gavin.


The challenge

Gavin, who has had type 1 diabetes since the age of eight, will take on the ‘DiAthlete 100 Challenge’ to raise money for T1International, a non-profit organisation that helps people in developing countries gain access to insulin and other vital diabetes supplies, and for the League of DiAthletes programme which was co-founded by Gavin and works to provide relatable type 1 diabetes education to young people around the world.

The 655 mile challenge which began on Friday 13th April in Bexleyheath, Kent, will take Gavin around England, Ireland and Wales, and will end in London on Sunday 13th May. Click here to find out more about the route.

At various locations across the UK during the challenge, Gavin will engage with local type 1 diabetes groups to provide type 1 diabetes education to youngsters, and will share stories from ‘local heroes’ who live with the condition. He will also be bringing the London 2012 Olympic torch on the journey so that local heroes can carry it to the finish line!

During the challenge Gavin will be using his FRIO cooling wallets to keep his insulin within the 18-26°C safe temperature range to ensure the insulin doesn’t degrade in extreme hot or cold temperatures.


Gavin said:

“From personal experience I know that type 1 diabetes can make people with the condition feel very isolated. Over the years my active lifestyle has helped turn that on its head and my aim is always to educate, encourage and empower other type 1s worldwide.

“Through the DiAthlete 100 Challenge, I hope to raise £10,000 to support the work of the newly founded League of DiAthletes programme and also the work of T1International’s advocacy workshops in developing countries to help people with type 1 diabetes in developing countries gain access to crucial resources such as insulin and blood glucometers.

“The League of DiAthletes is something I co-started with a group of passionate, determined role models living with type 1 diabetes who believe that approaches to type 1 diabetes education need to improve vastly. By joining forces and sharing experiences, training and innovative practical methods we are striving to achieve relatable type 1 diabetes education for younger patients around the world with positive encouragement.

“I can’t wait to start and work towards completing my 100th endurance challenge! As other T1Ds will know, I will have to keep a close eye on my blood sugar throughout the journey and will definitely be keeping my FRIO wallets on me at all times to make sure my insulin stays safe and effective!”


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If you’d like to support the challenge by donating to T1 International and the League of DiAthletes, visit the Justgiving page here.