Rama’s Type 2 Diabetes Diary

Before my official type 2 diabetes diagnosis, I was feeling groggy, tired and quite dizzy for about six months and just had a feeling that something wasn’t right. After looking at symptoms of diabetes on the internet, I suspected that I might have it but thought it best to get myself checked out.

Finally, in March 2016 I arranged a meeting with my GP and two blood tests confirmed that I had type 2 diabetes. Here’s my diary about how my diagnosis made me feel and what I did to make sure I stayed on top of it:

Date Feelings Actions
1st April: Day of diagnosis Upset and angry for not looking after myself.  I have made myself ill with worry and am feeling stressed. The doctor has told me that I need to change my lifestyle to eat more healthily and exercise more. I have lots of questions that I need answers to, so I have been searching the Internet for answers such as; what can I eat? what is good and what is bad for me?  I am also worried about how much fruit I can have and whether I can drink alcohol.

I have been prescribed metformin tablets to take once a day for a week and then two a day forever.

I have read up a lot about type 2 diabetes on the internet to find out more about how I should change my diet.


I also took my first metformin tablet.

Mid April: Appointment with nurse I had my first nurse’s appointment today and it was really helpful and informative. I felt like a real weight had been lifted off my shoulders and this helped me to focus, especially on losing weight in a strategic and sensible way. This was the first time I felt that I could handle dealing with diabetes, also my blood pressure had come down and I lost three pounds so that gave me a boost. The nurse referred me to the diabetes self-management programme. I am beginning to deal with my diabetes and I am losing weight. I will also start walking in my local park after work to help me lose weight.
Mid April: Second appointment with nurse I had my second nurse’s appointment today to have my feet checked – I’m happy that my feet are fine and all sensations are working. I’m starting to think about caring for my feet more and have begun researching the Internet for tips.
End of April Today I was told that I had protein leaking through my kidneys so I was prescribed further tablets – Ramspril. Another thing for me to read up on! I’m annoyed and feel down because it’s just another pill to take for a year. Researched Ramspril a bit. Must remember to take all of my pills!
April and May I have been making an effort to remember to take my pills each day. I am also eating a lot healthier and have been walking a lot – I’ve lost a stone in five weeks! Still slowly adjusting to the diagnosis. I am making healthy meals each day and cutting out lots of high-carb and sugary snacks.
8th May Had a diabetic eye test appointment today – they put dye in my eyes which was really uncomfortable. I wasn’t told much about this or what to expect so felt a little nervous. Luckily my mother and colleague had been through this test so they made me feel a bit better. I have to wait six weeks for the results of this test.
16th May Over all I’ve lost 1 stone and 4 pounds which is really giving me the motivation to continue eating healthily. I’m still getting used to what foods to eat and not eat and taking my pills, but my mind is in a much better place. Sticking to my healthy eating plan and really focusing on losing some weight as this will help me manage my type 2 diabetes.
23rd May Started the diabetes self-management programme today – the classes are every Monday for six weeks. I found it OK but didn’t learn anything new as I had already done a lot of my own research into type 2 diabetes, but I’m looking forward to week three when we find out more about what we can and can’t eat. Took my first self-management class to learn more about diabetes and how I can manage it.
30th May Second self-management class – Unfortunately I was unable to attend this session due to work commitments but the tutor recapped what I missed when I attended the following week. The class looked at food groups in more detail and portion sizes. Read the self-management book and asked others what they had learned.
6th June Third self-management class – This session was very useful as we looked at ingredients and labels on food and what this actually meant. I found lots of handy tips on food containing high levels of carbohydrates and sugar which really helped to understand eating healthy with type 2 diabetes. When shopping I will make sure I check all labels. I have now switched my semi-skimmed milk to unsweetened almond milk and am enjoying it more.
8th June Had great news from the doctor today – my blood glucose levels have dropped! I’m so pleased and really feel like I’m in control of my diabetes. I will continue to eat sensibly, take my pills everyday and focus on losing weight and exercising.
13th June Unfortunately I was unable to attend the 5th class due to a family commitment but have been reading my book.  I’m looking to lower my carbohydrate intake, enjoy a variety of salads in the evening and to exercise more. Something that has been highlighted throughout the course is to also make sure that we get plenty of sleep and lower stress levels so this is something I need to work on as I feel I’ve been neglecting this due to a busy work and lifestyle schedule. Need to focus more on getting sleep and not taking on too much. Must relax more, join the gym and eat healthily. Sometimes I forget to take pills at the right time so I need to focus on this and maybe get a pill box.

My goals for for the future:

●     To lose more weight

●     Find some more interesting recipes to keep me interested

●     Reduce risks to my health

●     Manage and live with diabetes