The Adventures Of Captain Lantus

Writing a children’s book is something that I have never done or attempted to do before now. The situation with Covid and being in lockdown has given me the push to bring my sons idea to life.  Max was diagnosed with Type 1 when he was just 18 months old, Due to a misdiagnoses by our GP we were very close to losing him.  I feel very lucky that I am able to now sit here and write this short blog knowing that Max is growing up to be an amazing young boy that I am so very proud of.

We struggle to control his blood sugar levels at first and found that me and Sarah couldn’t sleep with worry, we decided that the best option for us was to put Max on to a insulin pump, which again was a massive decision. Myself and Sarah my wife felt like we were starting all over again! learning to control our sons blood sugar levels to keep him alive. The other effect this had on us all was seeing a machine and wire sticking out of our sons stomach, before the pump Diabetes for everyone else was invisible. I believe this was the inspiration for Max to come up with this amazing idea for his book!!

The Idea Behind the Book

Max came home from school and told me that he had an idea and wanted to write a story, he linked his pump to Ironman’s chest and how he gets his powers from it!! “That’s like me Dad I get powers from my pump”. This took me back to when we came home from the hospital with Max the day he had his pump fitted, he was afraid confused and very upset, me and Sarah had all the information we needed from leaflets to contact details etc, Max’s story of The Adventures Of Captain Lantus would of been an amazing book to give to Max that day, imagine a 3 year old boy believing that the pump that he has just been given has gave him superpowers like all of his hero’s that he looks up to, No longer afraid or confused and for me a Sarah a relief that he is ok.

Our biggest aim would be to have this book available for all children that receive a pump going forward to get a copy. what an amazing achievement it would be for us to see our 6 year sons book all over the world empower and helping children who have diabetes.

The Story is a fictional one, it’s about a place called Beta Town where everyone that lives there has diabetes.  They are protected by a magic power source called an insulin cube which keeps everyone well, however, there is a villain that wants that cube as it’s worth more than gold and he plans to steel it from the town. Max, in the book, volunteers to guard the cube while the rest of the town enjoy there yearly food festival. Before Max is left alone he is told by Mayor Bolus about a secret project that is hidden in the same room but has never been tested, it was built in case anything happened to the cube! Max finds the pump and becomes Captain Lantus and saves the day for all.

Help Make Our Dreams Come True

The book is currently in production and will be completed on the 5th September.  Make our dream come true and get behind this book so that we can help thousands of children all over the world not only those who have diabetes but there friends and family’s.

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