High temperatures not only put the quality of your insulin at risk, but cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate making it harder to anticipate diabetic hypoglycaemia.

When you’re enjoying long days in the sun this summer, make sure you’re carrying Elovate 15 glucose sachets – the most convenient, fast acting, and economical way to raise blood sugar levels.

Common methods of combating diabetic hypoglycemia such as eating or drinking sugary items take time to digest and contain unknown quantities of glucose which can delay the uptake of glucose in the blood. However, taking in glucose directly can significantly speed up this process as glucose is easily absorbed through the membranes in the mouth.

Elovate 15 glucose sachets contain a pre-measured 15g amount of glucose powder that dissolves rapidly in the mouth and raises blood sugar levels in just minutes, providing a fast, controlled and consistent method of raising blood sugar levels.

The American Diabetes Association, JDRF, Joslin and most diabetes groups recommend this process as part of the 15/15 rule:

1. Check blood sugar

2. Eat 15g of glucose

3. Wait 15 minutes

4. Recheck blood sugar

Key benefits of Elovate 15:

Compact and convenient

Air and watertight

Half the size, weight and price of glucose gels and liquids

Have a certified 36 month shelf life

Delicious black cherry flavour

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Can be mixed with water and swallowed quickly

Available in boxes of 6 or 12 sachets.

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