Keeping your Medicines Cool and Safe during Self-Isolation

Whilst we are all trying to keep safe and warm in our homes during self-isolation, it is important to not let temperature sensitive medicines such as Insulin get too warm, as they will degrade and lose effectiveness for controlling blood sugar levels.

It is also important NOT to store in-use medicines such as Insulin in a fridge.

The safest approach is to ensure you keep your medicines in your  FRIO wallet at all times when you are at home. Being simply re-charged by immersing its inner-liner in water means it requires no electricity to function.

Scientific testing proves that your FRÍO wallet keeps in-use insulin and 29 other temperature sensitive medicines cool and safe, within safe temperatures of 18-26°C (64.4-78.8°F) for a minimum of 45 hours.

It is important to ensure you only use an original FRIO wallet as lookalike imitations have not been properly tested and their safety cannot be guaranteed.

With a cooling wallet you can keep warm and safe at home, whilst keeping your Insulin cool and safe.

At FRIO we have more than enough stock to supply customers and we are here to provide advice.

For over 20 years FRIO has served the Diabetic community worldwide with our vital Insulin preserving products.  We are committed to keep supplying the world with our trusted products to help keep people safe during these challenging times.

Top 5 Tips for Protecting Insulin When Self-Isolating

1 Keep In-use Insulin in your FRIO wallet at all times when you are at home

2 Recharge your FRIO wallet by immersing the inner-liner every 45 hours

3 Do NOT keep in-use insulin in a fridge – it will degrade and lose potency

4 Keep you wallet clean – follow our cleaning guide for optimal performance

5 Relax…..FRIO has been trusted by people living with diabetes for over 20 years.